• Sanjeev Singh

Why is explainer Video Production Popular in 2021?

With its characteristics, it's obvious why explainer videos are viral. They deliver the best sales pitch every time, but their popularity doesn't stop here. About 95% of people watch explainer videos to learn more about any app, product, or service. They are very popular because they have a significant effect on people. Animated explainer videos can boost online visibility, build your brand awareness, and improve conversion and sales.

There are many animated explainer video companies or apps in the market that can help you make explainer videos. Explainer Mojo is animated explainer video companies that will help you make explainer videos very quickly. This company makes many kinds of videos, starting from app explainer videos to best isometric explainer videos.

And as for explainer videos, they can be very beneficial for you. The ways that explainer videos can be helpful for you are:

They can quickly boost up your online visibility.

Having an animated video on your website encourages your audience to stay longer on site. Watching these animated explainer videos can be very fun at times when the videos are exciting and informative. And this way, you can make most of it because search engines measure the time an audience spends on your website. The more time they spend on your site, the more interesting it becomes to people. And your site will be ranked higher than other sites because of the traffic and period that people spend on your site.

They can build your Brand Awareness.

A great animated video should be completely customized, so it fits your brand communications. It will use your brand colors to build brand awareness because they can help your viewers identify you behind the sales videos.

They can improve conversions and sales.

Explainer videos are beneficial to boost conversions and sales by an average of 20%. Especially, the most popular animated explainer video company that are embedded on most sites' homepage are done by Explainer Mojo.

Viewers will take action.

It will make your viewers take action in the directions you want. Especially the sales videos that are so captivating that just by adding a call action to your video, you can help them subscribe to your Newsletter or fulfill a form or download a specific material, etc.

Increasing Share ability

It can also help you gain popularity as you know videos are the most shared kind of content on the internet today. And it's undeniable that people like to share fun and exciting information amongst their peers.

You will be able to utilize most out of the visual and verbal learning

The combination of visual and verbal learning is a highly effective combination that increases the communication power of your content. That's why explainer videos are beneficial. The explainer videos merge all the charming visuals and give clear messages that have a powerful effect on the human brain.


As I said before, many animated explainer video companies and apps in the market help you make explainer videos. But you would think why you should choose Explainer Mojo. You should choose the Explainer Mojo because the videos you will be able to make here will be fun and have Brevity and simplicity. They will be attractive and portrayed in a storytelling format, so your viewers will find them entertaining.

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