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What exactly is a Motion Graphics Video?

Motion Graphics are popularly referred to as ‘monograph videos. These videos are a form of animation or digital footage that is made with the intent of creating an illusion of motion or rotation. These videos are also combined with audio clips and voice overs for use in multimedia projects. We at aim at creating the best motion graphics explainer videos that are tailor-made to the client's needs.

In this new age, we mostly rely on electronic media to display these videos but they can also be displayed using manually powered equipment like thaumatrope, the phenakistoscope, stroboscope, zoetrope, praxinoscope, and flipbooks. At we use the term to define the commercial aspect of the animation and effect for various purposes of our clients. We think that motion graphics are one of the most unique ways of communication with the viewers and hence, we strive at making the best motion graphics explainer videos for you.

If we look back, we can trace the roots of motion graphics with that of computer graphics. As there were new developments in the field of computers happened, computer graphics led to wider use of motion graphics that weren’t based on optical film animation. Computers have made motion graphics more controllable and more physically based process. Motion Graphics allow the online explainer video maker to create images that would not have been possible using any other technology. Before the advent of computer technology, the process of creating motion graphics was time-consuming and costly.

Computers have solved these issues and have made Motion Graphics more accessible to corporate video makers and online explainer video makers. At, we strive to put out quality content for our customers using this same technology. We are an experienced explainer video agency that helps budding creators and corporate video-makers to create the best content that fits their needs in a budget.

List of’s Best Motion Graphics of 2021.

  1. Instagram Motion Graphics Video

Instagram is a popular social media website that lets users upload photos, videos, and other multimedia which is owned by Facebook. Both the social media applications are a popular space for explainer video agencies and creators as you can connect to a number of the right people for your needs. Motion Graphics videos are a popular platform to connect to users and share your work across the globe. Also, motion graphics explainer videos are a popular trend on social media. At, we specialize in making these types of videos.

2. PayPal Motion Graphics Video

PayPal is a popular American payments company that operates worldwide has users all over the world. The motion graphics explainer videos are used to them show the services that the company offers which are an alternative to the conventional payment methods like cash and cheques. The Motion Graphics content in these videos is mainly aimed at highlighting the ease of use and speed of this online payment option. These videos are also being used to show how safe and secure this method of payment is. The motion graphics videos are likewise being used by companies similar to PayPal as well.

3. Dropbox Motion Graphics Video

Dropbox is a popular web and mobile-based file hosting service that different services like cloud storage, file synchronization, personal and client cloud software storage as well. This is a smart and easy way to safely store and organize your digital data across all your devices. This company also used motion graphics explainer videos to show the ease of use of their services. The videos highlight the use of this service and tell the user about its importance and ease of use over other storage methods. We at have excellent and cheap ways of making top-notch similar videos that fit your needs.

4. PepperFry Motion Graphics Video

At, we have expertise in making videos that fit a niche online market of furniture. PepperFry is one such big name that has been selling furniture online in India. It has several products that fit all the needs of the people. They have also made use of motion graphics explainer videos that show the quality and reliability of their products and services. Their approach to making explainer videos is unique and praiseworthy and we have adopted similar approaches as well. Other similar e-commerce websites have also followed similar directions and we are certainly experts at creating a similar online explainer video for your needs.

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